Sunday 19 August 2018

Movie Reviews August 12th-18th

So sorry I didn't post a blog review of the movies I saw last week, it actually turned out to be a bumper 3 week edition over on my BookTube channel so I will leave that video below if you want to know my thoughts but this week was pretty good in terms of movie watching and i AM going to include one that I watched on Netflix just because I saw a movie twice in the cinema this week so it's not like I'm adding something extra in...

I have book vs movie videos coming up for 2 of these films on my channel so keep an eye out for that. I'll add them to this post they're uploaded.


This documentary made by a photographer was just great. It explored different generations of people and different cultures and what their wealth looked like and how it affected them. I really recommend giving it a watch although if you're squeamish about needles or sex, there's quite a lot of plastic surgery and nudity. One of my favourite things about this film was that she interviewed people from her high school 25 years ago and then went back and revisited them today and showed how that much wealth had affected them. 


I was really excited about seeing this one having loved the trailer and obviously loving Adam Driver. The first third of the film was quite slow and not my favourite, the rest of the film was great and I laughed out loud a lot. I saw it in a full cinema though and I really wasn't laughing out loud as much as the other people in there, sometimes I couldn't hear what they were saying on screen! I loved the fact that it was set just down the road in Colorado Springs and also loved the fact that it was based on a true story, that is honestly amazing. The thing that really toned down my rating of this film though was that they had some news footage from David Duke, Donald Trump and then the riots in Charlottesville last year. I get that they were relevant but really they left me feeling so depressed after a film that had made me laugh so much and taught me so much so...


I didn't watch a film today-what?


I loved this one, I knew that I was going to love it and that's why I watched it twice. The whole time I was reading the book I was thinking, this is going to look great on screen and it really did. You can't always picture the opulent life of the crazy rich when you're reading because that's for the 0.001% of the population so seeing it on the big screen really worked! This was a fabulously romantic story as well and I absolutely loved Awkwafina - she's awesome!


This is one of those that I wouldn't have seen without my movie pass to be honest. We recently watched Jaws and I didn't like it. I've never been particularly bothered about sharks but I do like seeing sea creatures and some of the shots of the ocean and the wildlife within are really really lovely. I can see why they released this in Imax and 3D because those shots would have been stunning on an Imax screen! There are some really cheesy moments in this film and moments when the actors start going 'well that was wild but I'm glad it's over' and you just know that that means there's something dramatic about to happen. I was shocked by some of the deaths and the kill count it quite high but I was entertained throughout and it was worth it for those scenes of marine life right at the beginning-also: Rainn Wilson!


Compared to my previous day's film, this was so quiet and so slow but it was just what I needed. This film has been out for a little while now and I saw it on a Friday night when there were plenty of other blockbusters playing but it was still quite a full cinema. I loved the actors in this one, there are so many familiar faces! Its only when I go to see a British film in a US cinema (as I do) that I really notice the difference in sense of humour. I was laughing when other people weren't. You have to suspend your disbelief going into this one and just wander down to the hundred acre wood ready to play. Eeyore is the best obviously!


Saturday I went to see Crazy Rich Asians again so here's my one Netflix film recommendation since it is a book to movie adaptation...

I actually had this one marked in my diary like I do with book publications. I really enjoyed watching this movie. I loved seeing the book come to life and it was just as sweet and lovely as the books. I felt like Margo didn't get a whole lot of action in the film but then I've read all 3 books so it might just be that I am remembering her role from the trilogy and not just from the 3 books. I made a review of the trilogy over on my channel and I will have a book vs movie video for this one on my channel this week all being well (it's filmed it just needs editing!)

Here are those videos as promised (I will update this post with the book vs movie videos as they upload)

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