Saturday 25 August 2018

Bout of Books Day 4 Update and Day 5 Challenge

Well I was out and about again today so it was a big audiobook day again! I also went to an author event in the evening so that took up my evening reading time. I DID do some reading sprints on twitter though so do poke me if you fancy doing more of these in the future!

Today's challenge is to match songs and books. Again I'm going to stick with one author which seems to be the way I'm doing this this week... The song titles need no explanations!

I actually read another 32% of The Adults which is 133 pages-go reading sprints!

Then i listened to a ton more audiobook but i forgot to track it before going to bed so I will add today's audiobook listening to today's audiobook listening and update you on this one tomorrow!

Pages Read Today:  133+
Pages Read This Week: 905+
Complete Books Finished: 2

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