Thursday 4 April 2019

April 2019 TBR

So another month another list of books I want to read. I will be travelling at the start of this month which as you know could mean more reading if that's the zone I'm in or zero reading if I decide I'm going to feel sick on the plane-fun!

As always I will break my TBR down into April releases, possibly some May releases and other books I want to read!

April Releases

Out April 18th (UK)

Out April 4th (UK)

Out April 4th (UK)

Out April 29th (UK)

Out April 4th (UK)

May Releases

Out May 16th (UK)

Out May 30th (UK)

Other Books I want to Read

Slightly less than last month but then I am travelling and I know I might pick up some bits when I am back int he UK, so you never know!

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