Tuesday 23 April 2019

Review: William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Mean Girls (Pop Shakespeare) by Ian Doescher

Power struggles. Bitter rivalries. Rampant jealousy. Betrayals. Star-crossed lovers. When you think about it, it s pretty surprising William Shakespeare DIDN T write Mean Girls. But at last, readers will be treated to the epic drama and epic hilarity of the classic teen comedy rendered with the wit, flair, and iambic pentameter of the Bard. The action unfolds as our heroine Cady disguises herself to infilitrate the conniving Plastics, falls for totally-off-limits Aaron, struggles with her allegiance to newfound friends Damian and Janis, and stirs up age-old vendettas between the factions of the high school. Bestselling author Ian Doescher brings his signature Shakespearean wordsmithing to one of the most revered stories of our time. Fourteen years after its release (feel old yet?) Mean Girls has become a cultural phenomenon and cult classic among generations of teen girls and other fans, and is more than apt for an Elizabethan makeover.

Review: I knew I was going to love this book going into it and I just had a really good time reading it. It is quite a quick read because it is written in script from but it can take a little while to get your head into the language form. Once I got my mind switched to Shakespearean language again, I was ready to go. 

I love how this book stuck to firmly to the film and it's script. It talks about when Cady first goes to the school and them getting her name wrong right down to the discussions the teachers have the asides that Cady does to camera. I think you do need to have seen the film to appreciate the pure genius of this one but then it is a great film and so it won't be too much of a hardship!

I also loved the illustrations in this book. Each scene has a printed page on one side and a beautiful header on the other and then there are other illustrations scattered throughout the play. The book tells you at the beginning as well where you can find each illustration which made it easy to go back and appreciate them once more. 

Some of the scenes from the film make for absolutely hilarious comparisons when translated into the language of Shakespeare and so this would make for an excellent gift for either a mean girls or a Shakespeare lover. It would also be an excellent gift to yourself to pick up when you fancy a chuckle!

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  1. I've seen this around and I need to read it! My son's school put on the shortened play version of Mean Girls this year and it was so fun. I bet this would be amazing on stage as well!