Saturday 20 April 2019

Guest Review: Last Words at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn

The final part in the brand new series from Holly Hepburn

The village of Little Monkham is reeling from their loss but gathers together to celebrate a life well lived. Behind the scenes, Nessie is struggling with a distant Owen and confides inLaurie about her tempting job offer. He offers to step up his role at the Star and Sixpence so that she can leave.

Gabe and Sam grow closer, although she still refuses to be anything more than friends and colleagues. Laurie’s behaviour causes Gabe to become increasingly suspicious and what he discovers causes a scene that turns more than one world upside down. Can Sam and Nessie work through the fall-out or is it really last orders at the Star and Sixpence? 

Review: This is the final part of the new four-part ebook series from Holly Hepburn concerning the Star and Sixpence pub in the village of Little Monkham, its owners and customers. I have been following and enjoying this series and a previous series about the pub from the very beginning. I was waiting eagerly for this final part to be released, and read it immediately it popped up on my Kindle on publication day, but feel a little sad that the story is now at an end. I shall definitely miss hearing about the goings on in Little Monkham.

In this part of the story, sisters Nessie and Sam Chapman are once again working together to make the Star and Sixpence the successful venue it has become since they took it over following their father’s death. Nessie is happily settled with boyfriend Owen in the cottage next to the pub, while Sam is living on the premises, as is Gabe, the pub’s chef. Sam is trying very hard to hide her feelings from him, and when her former boyfriend Joss is called back to help with the pub during their cider festival, tension increases in the household. Meanwhile, the girls’ long lost brother, Laurie, is causing them increasing worry as his attitude towards them and his work is changing for the worse. When things start to go wrong in the pub, everyone tries to figure out what is going on.

As with all the other parts in this serialisation, I found this a quick and easy read, but by no means lacking in depth and entertainment. I feel that I have got to know the Chapman sisters quite well now, and I was hoping for a happy ending for them both after the trials and tribulations they have been through. Holly Hepburn has certainly created an interesting set of characters in these books and I would love to stroll around the village and meet them all. She has also described a really cosy atmosphere in the Star and Sixpence pub; I can imagine how welcoming it would be on a winter’s evening to sit there by the fire. I can definitely recommend this book to other readers; for those who don’t enjoy serials, it is good to know that a paperback bind-up of all four parts will be available later this year.

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