Monday 16 November 2020

Gilmore Girls Readathon Sign Up and TBR

This week I will be taking part in the Gilmore Girls Readthon. You can check all the details of this readathon over on their Instagram and I will be vlogging the week over on my BookTube channel so keep an eye out for that video up next week!

Here are the challenge, I will be making my TBR from books already on my November TBR with a couple of extras...

Read a book set in a small town.
Read a book set during fall/winter.

Read a book with complicated love interests

Read a book by an Asian Author

Read the next book in a series you haven't finished

Bake a fall treat and watch your favourite episode... 

I'm not sure which episode I will watch but I think it will probably happen towards the end of the week...

Read a book that features a mother/daughter realtionship...

I'm not sure if any of the book on my TBR have this so I'm going to have to let you know on that one however I will be kicking off the readathon by listening to a favourite nonfiction of mine since it is nonfiction November so this leads me into the bingo challenge and other books I might pick up this week!

I'll be starting with:

The bingo card...

So some of the other books that are on my November TBR but don't meet the readathon challenges will definitely tick off some of the bingo card. You'll need to keep an eye on my social media and watch out for the vlog to see which books meet which square!

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