Monday 30 November 2020

Romance Takeover Readathon TBR

I'm so excited that I'll be taking part in the Romance Takeover readathon over the next couple of weeks... here's what it's all about from one of the lovely hosts:

There are several challenges to choose from and you create a 3x3 bings card to suit you for the readathon...

I am posting a TBR right now. I am planning on attending one of the live reading sprints (see video below) and I have followed the hosts so there's 3 challenges ticked off already yey!

Here are the other books on my TBR and the challenges they meet...

1. Read an audiobook
2. Read a 5 star predicted book

1. Read a recent release

1. Read a book recommended by one of the hosts (Bethany loves this series)
2. Read a library book

1. Read an audiobook
2. Read a recent release

I don't know what this one will meet, its been out a few months but I already have 6 challenges+ met so just popping this on here since it's a festive romance yey!

1. Read a book that has been on your TBR for 6+ months
2. Read an older woman romance (this might not be on the romantic side of romcom but we'll see!)

Here's Jenn's video with more info...

This should be fun and I am excited!

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