Monday 9 November 2020

Review: He Will Be Mine by Kirsty Greenwood

 Nora Tucker is an admin assistant from a tiny English village.

Gary Montgomery is Hollywood’s hottest new star.

After seeing him on the silver screen, Nora believes that Gary is her soulmate, her one true love, the man she's supposed to grow old and wrinkly with. She knows it sounds nuts, she knows it’s completely crazy. But sometimes love is crazy, right?

Only... how on earth is this Plain Jane introvert supposed to get to Los Angeles, infiltrate Gary’s inner circle AND convince him that they’re meant to be? Throwing herself into this mission might be a tall order but it means Nora can stop thinking about that one awful day, two years ago, when everything in her life fell apart...

With the help of a sunny Californian weather girl, a super hot but super grumpy script writer, and a very passionate Adam Levine tribute act, Nora is about to try the impossible and let fate decide her future…

Review: What a fabulous story about what we all dream of doing, running off to a far off land to pursue the celebrity we are sure that we are meant to be with. If you are looking for some escapism right now then you can't really go wrong with joining Nora on her Californian adventure!

This story really is escapism at its finest, it takes those 'what if' moments and plays them out on the page with a whole dose of Hollywood glam and a lot of help from romance novels. I love any book that champions its own genre and makes romance writing and reading romance novels cool. I also love all the pop culture references in there like lines from The Office, SNL-alike stars and of course the most amazing romance books and movies. 

Nora and Gary make for great main characters in this book. Nora is somewhat insecure and so we get to travel with her as she steps out of her comfort zone of this journey and what a journey it is for her. She has to adjust to a whole new lifestyle and a whole new culture as well as adjusting to doing something that is completely out of character for her. With Gary we get to see behind the smoke and mirrors of the celebrity lifestyle and a little of what life is like when  you take away the Instagram filters. I loved how much heart Gary had and how he actually dealt with his emotions in his own way rather than keeping them bottled up like a lot of people in his position. I love that we get to catch up with Seth and Olive from Big Sexy Love too! The real star of the show here are the side characters though, they are fully formed, uniquely weird and just totally there for Nora on her journey-perfection!

I didn't really know how this book was going to play out. I was definitely wishing for Nora to have a great trip but I was doubtful about her endeavors a lot of the time and I did want to hop into the book and speak to her at certain moments. Overall though this book made me laugh and at the same time was very real about what life is like when you're in the public eye. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed escaping with some ice cream along with Nora and Winklepuff.

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  1. Great review. You took the words right out of my mouth. I loved the book too. Looking forward to seeing your next reviews.