Friday 6 November 2020

Review: Meal by Blue Delliquanti and Soleil Ho

Yarrow is a young chef determined to make her mark on the cutting edge of cookery with her insect-based creations. Though her enthusiasm is infectious, it rubs some of her fellow cooks the wrong way, especially Chanda Flores, Yarrow's personal hero and executive chef of an exciting new restaurant. Her people have been eating bugs for centuries, and she's deeply suspicious of this newbie's attempt to turn her traditions into the next foodie trend. While Chanda and her scrappy team of talented devotees struggle to open on time, Yarrow must win over Chanda—and Milani, the neighbor she's been crushing on for weeks—or lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve her dreams. Co-written with chef and food writer Soleil Ho, Blue Delliquanti's sweet coming-of-age story takes us deep into a world of art, mystery, and memory on the culinary frontier.

Review: I picked this book up based on a librarian recommendation and this graphic novel really does have it all, we have food, we have diversity and we have representation of marginalized groups. I really enjoyed this and it felt so different from anything I've read recently. 

I love the fact that this book introduces us to eating bugs, how to, what to and the history of where in the world eating bugs is part of the tradition and culture. I had no idea it was such a normal prat of cuisine in such culture and was really happy to learn about it through this graphic novel. 

I also really love the fact that the characters in this book are so diverse and really represent inter-sectional feminism at its b est. I loved watching relationships and friendships both professional and personal grow and develop. This graphic novel also contains some recipes and a note from world class chef and food pod caster Soleil Ho. It was such an interesting mix, I loved the story arc and I loved all the extras that came with this book.

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