Tuesday 17 November 2020

Review: Nothing Like I Imagined Series by Mindy Kaling

 Freaked out by her fortieth birthday, the creator and executive producer of Never Have I Ever reflects on the importance of good friends—and the mortifying obligations it takes to keep them.

Yes, Mindy Kaling is the genial Hollywood celebrity who posted twelve selfies from a single Oscar party, but that smile took work. In this hilariously honest essay, Mindy reflects on the social anxiety that she traces back to the slices of white cheese her parents served at her ninth birthday party. Little has changed in thirty years—least of all the fear of being judged forever. It’s probably best to just back away.

From the acclaimed writer, actor, director, producer, and New York Times bestselling author comes Nothing Like I Imagined. In these essays, Mindy Kaling shares the latest chapters of a multitasking life in Hollywood. Read or listen to them in a single sitting. Either way, they’re pitch-perfect.

Review: Oh I loved this series. These eBooks are free from Amazon Prime members but you can also download the accompanying audio and so I listened to these on audiobook. I really recommend the audio if you can access them because Mindy Kaling reads them herself and so each short feels like listening to a podcast episode or just sitting down for a chat in the car with Mindy herself!

I don't know why I'm surprised that I laughed at a series of books written by a comedy writer but I chuckled at all of these. I particularly enjoyed Once Upon a Time in Silverlake and Please Like me. Those essays made me laugh the most and I really loved hearing both of those stories. In terms of being open and honest, Help is On the Way and Searching for Coach Taylor are brutally honest about single motherhood and asking for help when you need it. Big Shot deals with the reality of being 'a celebrity' and what that entails and then Kind of Hindu talks openly about religion, family and Mindy's roots.

The thing that I loved most about this series, aside from the humour and the fact that the audio is read by the writer herself is the honesty with which Mindy Kaling writes. Many people who are in the limelight like she is would cover the fact that sometimes she doesn't want to socialise or that she has help being a mother or that she's fine being single but these are all things that Mindy Kaling fully explores in these short but sweet stories.

I really recommend this series and if you can access the audio, they really are fabulous!

To order the series yourself, just click the link: UK or US

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