Monday 23 December 2013

My Birthday Books

Today is my birthday and so I asked some of my lovely bookish friends what books they would buy me for my birthday, so what we have here is my hypothetical birthday book presents. It's always exciting getting some different book recommendations & who knows...maybe I'll get book tokens for my birthday & I'll be able to buy some of these books. I'm excited to share all these books with you, if you've recommended me one-thank you very much!

The lovely Laura Lovelock would buy me...This Is A Love Story by Jessica Thompson because it's one of the best books I've ever read and will stay with you long after you've finished!

I've got one of Jessica Thompson's books and so this would be a brilliant gift. Laura's blog is SheLovesToRead & she also has a fab YouTube Channel which you should check out! Laura kept me going through NaNoWriMo and so a special thank you to her for that too...

Pat @feetpaintwords said: Okay, here we go; firstly you say you're a book fiend, a shoe fiend and a coffee fiend. Considering you're a three fold fiend I thought you might like to read a romance about the biggest fiend of all. The book is called: The Sorrows of Satan: Or the Strange Experience of One Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire, a romance by Marie Corelli, a favourite of Queen Victoria. 

This sounds really interesting and not something I would normally pick up so definitely a good idea for me!

The lovely Kerrie from Read and Repeat would buy me Night School by CJ Daugherty. The book follows Allie who has been sent to the mysterious Cimmeria Academy where things aren't all as they seem. It's got mystery, romance and a kickass lead, It's quite different from the normal YA books and I think you'll really enjoy it. 

I know Kerrie is a massive fan of this series and she knows the kind of books that I like so this one is definitely going on the wish list! 

Simona @skydreamersimi would buy me The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman, because it's a great story of a girl trying to fulfill a list, also trying to be a teacher and it's beautifully written. Laura Delve also  mentioned this book: This has been one of my favourite books of 2013 and I honestly think everyone should read it. It makes you look at life a little differently. It shows you how you shouldn’t be afraid to do what you really want to. Don’t just do something or stay with something because you think it’s the safe or correct thing to do. It is definitely a feel good, pick me up book that we have you will enjoy.

I read this book in the summer and loved it so these followers have clearly got their head around the kind of things I would like and this would make an excellent birthday present for me! 

Sam from Sam's Book Corner said: well not sure if you have read it but I would say A tap on the window by Linwood Barclay as it's a fab thriller that will have you Hooked from beginning to end! it's is really a fabulous thriller I got hooked and bought one of his on the strength of the review one. Never read Anything by him before but I defintely would now - when I get round to it from my huge TBR pile! 

I've heard about this one recently, Laura was talking about it on her YouTube Channel and so this one is definitely going on the wish list and well done Sam for finding something else I wouldn't have picked up otherwise!

Jenny @jennymarston said Just had a quick look at the list of books you read this year so If I was to buy you one it'd be Fractured by Dani Atkins If you haven't read it already! I finished it in a few days and it's had SO many 5 star reviews! I think you'd enjoy it judging by what you read! Everyone I've come across hasn't had a bad word to say about it! It is such a heart-warming and emotional story but It's one of the must-read's. Plus the author is absolutely lovely!

This on is already on my wish list and I've heard so many good things about it so thanks for that one Jenny!

The lovely Kelly Rufus also got in on the birthday action, here's what she had to say... Your birthday book - Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews. When you asked what book I would get you and why this book instantly popped into my head. although an old book, it's still fantastic. In fact the whole series is great. It's both gripping and thrilling, whilst also breaking your heart! What more could you want from a book 😊 I don't want to spoil the story but you MUST read this book! 

This sounds lovely and always good to read something a bit older. Thanks Kelly! 

One of the ladies from Sophie Hart's Naughty Girls Book Club Vanessa said, i would send you unholy romance by Derrick Hudson because its a great read and had me giggling all the way though even in public got some strange looks.

This sounds fabulous and just the kind of thing I should be reading for our book club! 

Liam @lifeofathinker suggested An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. John Green is likely to become even more popular after the success of "The Fault in Our Stars" "An Abundance of Katherines" is a heartwarming tale of romance and a singleton's (quite literally) attempt at finding true love.

I'd really like to read this one actually and have bought it as a present for a friend so this would be an awesome present to buy me!

The lovely Louise @jaustenrulesok said this... It was difficult to find a book that wasn't on your list already but. I would give you Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman as I know you read YA. It's powerful, beautiful and a real page turner!! 

This is sitting on my shelf along with Noble Conflict so you made a good choice there Louise!

Debbie from Snuggling on The Sofa blog and YouTube channel suggested The Vet Series by Cathy Woodman. This sounds like good chick lit and so Debbie definitely chose well there!

I've really enjoyed having everyone's input for this post and it's been fun hearing what hypothetical birthday book presents everyone would buy me!

I've still got one more top ten Tuesday & then it's Christmas YEY! If anyone else is celebrating this week too then many happy returns!

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