Friday 6 December 2013

Review: Melting Ms Frost by Kat Black

How do you thaw the coldest of hearts? Find out in the sexiest romance to hit the shelves this year.

When Aidan Flynn walks into Cluny’s Restaurant, he can’t take his eyes off his new boss, Annabel Frost. With his heart set on winning her over, Aidan can think of nothing but getting beneath her cold exterior.

Known as one of the toughest women in the business, Annabel is impervious to Aidan’s many charms. His compelling grey gaze and persuasive Irish lilt do anything but anything but captivate her.

But Aidan knows there’s more to Annabel than meets the eye. And he’s not going to stop until he reveals all…

Review: wow! I was hooked into this book right from the word go because it dumps you right in the action, right into the sexual tension that exists between Annabel (Ms Frost) and Aiden, the barman at the restaurant she manages. The build up of this sexual tension continues all the way through the novel and is the key element holding this together, but don't be fooled into thinking that this book is void of any other storyline, oh no. This is an action packed novel full of drama, intrigue, and yes, some very very steamy sex scenes. I would go as far as to say. Some of the best sex scenes I've read this year! 

The characters in the book are extremely well developed. Each of the main characters has hidden depths that the reader doesn't learn about until quite near the end of the book, you are left wanting and wondering right up until the last page. Both characters are believable and both have faced challenges in life that have made them the way they are. I really warmed to both of them and were willing them to come together in all sorts of different ways through the entirety of the novel.

The storyline itself is interesting too, and although it is set over the festive period, it isn't an entirely Christmasey book. I enjoyed the festive element to it but didn't find it overwhelming. Some of the more dramatic scenes in the novel had me gasping out loud whereas some of the more heartfelt scenes completely melted my heart it had a bit of everything. It was clear the sex scenes had been written by a women's because they were so sensual and yet so raw at the same time. The details I would've wanted to be included were all there and the build up to these scenes were so drawn out and wonderful, it almost became painful. 

If you've become somewhat jaded with some of the erotica that's out there this book will definitely set you back on the right track, it is the perfect balance of erotica and general fabulous chick lit. There is a storyline there to keep you entertained and a good example of a strong woman and a strong man coming together for some passionate sex scenes! Ben though its not entirely festive, this book will definitely keep you warm this winter! 

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