Thursday 26 December 2013

Review! Holly at Christmas by Rosie Fiore

Christmas comes but once a year . . . unless your name is Holly Evans. She’ll be experiencing Christmas four times over. In the course of one year, Holly will see the festive season in all its guises, from the sizzling to the stressful to the hopelessly romantic.

After a rollercoaster couple of years and a three-month holiday in South Africa, Holly is on her way back to London. She has a firm plan for her life – career, money, home, romance – it’s all worked out. Except it looks like nobody let the universe know that. Almost as soon as she touches down in England, Holly’s plans begin to go awry. With no flat, no job and dwindling finances, Holly will need to be brave and resourceful in order to build herself a new life. And what about handsome doctor Fraser John? Where does he fit into her plans? And does he really want to catch Holly under the mistletoe?

Review: Now I have to confess that I haven't read Wonder Woman yet, I do have it on my kindle ready to go because I really liked the sound of it and I'm hoping to get to it in the new year, but I couldn't resist reading this one as the premise sounded so good. I think perhaps I should really have read Wonder Woman before reading this as I would be able to identify with the characters a bit more. I found this novella a little slow going, it took me nearly. Week to red it when I had been racing through some other Christmas novellas prior to this. I liked the character of holly and so I know I'm going to love reading about her in Wonder Woman. I thought she was strong and in control of her life, and as you know I love a strong female lead.

Unfortunately I found myself hating her love interest Fraser. I found him to be selfish and was willing holly to get rid of him at every tune in this novella! I really disliked the way he felt that because he was a doctor, he could control the decisions and control what holly did with her life. When his do race came through I the novella, he went to pieces and holly simply supported him and a looked him to get so drunk he was sick, practically holding his hair back as he indulged in his selfishness. I know this is fairly realistic in relationships nowadays but it just made me hate Fraser even more.

I liked the storyline with the clothing line and holly friend Jo, I found that really interesting, I wasn't sure about the beginning of the airy though with new year in South Africa... I liked the fact that holly had difficulty getting a job when she returned to the UK as this is realistic and her struggle to find a new flat, also very realistic. Overall this novella wasn't too Christmassy which depending what mood you're in, could be a good thing or a bad thing, but I definitely think you nee to have read Wonder Woman to fully enjoy this offering. I will definitely be reading Wonder Woman ASAP! 

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