Monday 28 April 2014

Series Review: The Edge Chronicles Quint Saga by Paul Stewart and ChrisRiddell

We have a real treat today, a middle-grade series reviewed by an actual eleven year old. I was sent these books by random house last year and gave them to one of my more able readers at school. He loved them, devouring them in just over a week. I asked him to write a review of them and here is what we have...

‘Oh, Sky above!’ Linius wailed. ‘If I had known then what I know now…’

Quint, son of a sky pirate captain, and new apprentice to Linius Pallitax, the Most High Academe, has been set some highly important tasks. Just how important, Quint is about to find out as he and Linius’s only daughter, Maris, are plunged into a terrifying adventure that takes them deep within the rock upon which Sanctaphrax is built. Here, they unwittingly invoke an ancient curse — the curse of the gloamglozer…

A dramatic and exuberant fantasy filled with colourful characters and illustrated with exquisite detail.


Review: this action-packed, amazing series will make you never want to close the book once you've opened it. It has cliff hangers, suspense and everything you would need in an action/adventure book. 

Quint starts off as a normal knight academy student but when the floating city Sanctaphanx needs help because a giant icy monster is making it winter, only you sky pirate Quint can save the day. Arsons killed nearly all the sky pirates and ran away, but they came back and the last two sky pirates are going to take revenge! 

Quint is a heroic main character that always looks for happiness an justice. He is one of my favourite characters because he wants to be like his dad, a great sky pirate and wants to follow in his foot-steps. 

The setting is a giant castle that is called Knight Academy, where quite learns and trains to become a great knight. The castle has separate passages and it's huge so I think it's the perfect setting! 

I would recommend this book to action/adventure readers but not to romance lovers! I like this book, it has become one of my favourites! 

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