Wednesday 23 April 2014

Guest Post From No-One Ever Has Sex on A Tuesday Author Tracy Bloom!(plus giveaway eep!)

I'm very lucky to have the fabulous Tracy Bloom back on the blog this week. You might remember I reviewed this fabulous novel last year and also brought you an interview with Tracy here on the blog. Well to celebrate the release of he paperback of this fab debut, I have Tracy back on the blog, telling us about the characters in the novel. If you scroll to the bottom and leave me a comment as well, you can win a copy of this super duper novel for yourselves. You have until Monday night to enter, I'll announce winners on Tuesday! 

Without further ado I'll hand you over to Tracy Bloom! 

Meet the characters of NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY by Tracy Bloom

KATY – 36yrs old with an irrational hatred of Mickey Mouse, Katy thinks she has life under control. So fareverything has gone pretty much to plan leading to agreat career at a Leeds advertising agency along with a stylish riverside flat. Her love-life however is much lesssussed. Left broken hearted by her childhood sweetheart at eighteen she struggles to commit, getting rid of anyboyfriend the minute she starts to get attached. But then she meets Ben…

BEN – is a school PE teacher and eight years younger than KatyIt’s the perfect relationshipHe’s too young to take life seriously so always up for a laugh and not old enough to want to settle down which suits commitment phobic KatyIn fact she wonders why she didn’t choose to date a younger guy before. Then she attends a school re-union and bumps into her teenage boyfriendMatthew...

MATTHEW – since school Matthew has become success in a suit. He is very proud of his career in finance as well as his sleek company car and expense account. Howevermeeting Katy at the school re-union reminds him of hisyounger carefree days that were totally unlike the micromanaged life he now leads. Somehow he ends up in bed with Katy. Next morning they agree to never see each other again and he returns home to his wife Alison

ALISON – having worked in HR, Alison is used to organizing everyone’s life as well as her own. Her exceptional planning skills however are no use when her body fails her as she struggles to get pregnant. Fertility treatment banishes all the joy and spontaneity out of hermarriage to Matthew as she obsesses over having the children she always dreamed of.

Also staring….

DANIEL – Katy’s gay best friend who is also Creative Director at the Advertising Agency where she works. He’s the only one who knows about Katy’s indiscretion and so is under pressure to offer advice and support, something that doesn’t come to him naturally especially when it involves pregnancy!

BRAINDEAD – one of Ben’s mates whose unique take on life is by parts hilarious and very worrying. His ability to reduce big problems down to his level however can sometimes prove very constructive

IAN – divorced with teenage kids, Ian is doing his best to comfort the forty something single females of Leeds in is own inimitable style. A colleague of Matthew, he thinks it’s hilarious that Matthew has got himself into such a pickle when he hears that a blooming Katy has turned up at an antenatal class attended by Matthew and his finally pregnant wife.


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    Thanks for this wonderful post! :)

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