Wednesday 30 April 2014

Review: Love in Sight by Holly Gilliat

Jason knows what he wants out of life, even if he can't see it.

Like most people, Jason's looking for that elusive happily-ever-after. But although he's good-looking, athletic, funny and charming--he's starting to realize that his white cane isn't exactly a chick magnet. When he meets Heather, he can't believe such a sweet, smart, beautiful woman is falling for him. Best of all, she doesn't seem bothered by his occasional run-in with a low-hanging tree branch or inability to color coordinate. They soon become inseparable. But as they begin to negotiate their life together, they encounter obstacles even his white cane can't navigate. 

While Jason's dreams seem to be slipping from his grasp, he's forced to face his insecurities and accept who he is...and maybe see things more clearly than ever before.

Love in Sight is a novel about coming to terms with what you can live with and what you can't live without.

Review: I found this to be a really compelling read, a real page turner. Such an original idea for a storyline, I've never read a love story between a sighted person and a visually impaired person, that's for sure and it was a real experience. The love story wasn't really any different because of on persons vision, there is the usual build up and roller coaster of emotions but the issues they come across and the problems they face are definitely different form the usual coupe. The storyline starts of fairly pacey, introducing us to the characters and their blossoming relationship but parts of the book do slow down a little bit, giving the impression that you're going through each and every issue with the characters. It is a bit like sitting in traffic sometimes you're going along fine, nice and quickly and other times you are suddenly crawling along, stuck in a fight with these two main characters. This was really clever writing because it involves you so much in the plot and the novel as a whole. 

I loved Heathers character. She was realistic, was driven in her teaching career and loathed to give up her independence to be in a relationship. Jason, however, I wasn't so keen on, in fact I did spend the novel hating him (I'm really sorry!) He was a cute, sensitive guy but had a massively short temper and was really bad at being flexible to accommodate others. I think I disliked him so much because I know guys like this and really don't like them so it hit a bit too close to home, but he caused his friends and family so much hurt with the short temper I just couldn't warm to him and embrace him like I might have done. There are some wonderful supporting characters in this story too, amongst Jason's family and Heathr's friends. 

The blindness was dealt with really well and I think it takes a lot of courage to write a character with some sort of disability, but I think it was written really well, acknowledged and yet not what the whole story was about. There are some real highs and lows in this book, I laughed and I cried, I loved and I hated and I was amazed by things I didn't know about visual impairment. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and it's definitely one that stayed with me long after I finished! 

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