Friday 29 May 2015

May Wrap up-a reading slump?

Now I'm not normally the kind of person who believes that you can be in a reading slump, you just haven't found the right book for you or you just have other distractions and other things going on that take priority over reading. But I have had such a terrible time with reading over RH wpast few weeks that I am seriously worried that I am in a reading slump.

Or I would be in danger of being in a reading slump if I couldn't put this lack of reading down to just being too tired from working too much and doing to much to actually have a moment to sit down and read all the lovely gorgeous books on my shelves and on my kindle! I was worried about the fact that this might be a slump until I realised that I had read quite a few audiobooks this month and therefore this can't be a reading slump because I am still loving all of those, this must literally be my inability to stay awake long enough to read more than 2 pages at night and me not having any other time to fit reading into my life other than when I am in the car and driving, therefore making audiobooks my only option. 

I am also aware that I said at the start of this month I wanted to read certain books during May. I gave myself a top ten, something which would normally be totally doable and so therefore this post will also see how many of them I actually read too. 

Paperbacks I read in May:

Ebooks I read in May: I actually only read half, yes only half of this glorious beauty! I am loving it and can't wait to finish it though...

Audiobooks I read in May: 

So I only read eight and a half books. Of the books that I had in my top ten... I only read 3.5 that's pretty bad considering the fact that they were all books I was dying to read. At least I enjoyed all the books I read/listened to it's not all bad but I really hope life isn't going to be this manic from now until the end of term becaus I need to read more than this over the next 8 weeks!

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  1. Good grief, I think you did really well! One of the downside ironies of being a writer is that I have less time to read now. I love to and need to read - just wish the days had twenty six hours in them!