Wednesday 20 May 2015

Review: Always The Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

Everyone loves a bridesmaid - except Maddie, who’s perpetually asked to be one.

Everyone loves a wedding - except Maddie’s best friend, who’s getting divorced.

And everyone loves the way Maddie’s so happy behind the scenes - except Maddie herself.

One best friend is in wedding countdown while the other heads for marriage meltdown. And as Maddie juggles her best chance at promotion in years with bridezilla texts and late-night counselling sessions, she starts to wonder – is it time to stop being the bridesmaid?

Review: a new Lindsey Kelk book is always a delight and this one was no exception. This book is fairly different from her other novels and yet still has that fabulous Lindsey Kelk sense of humour and charm about it-fans will not be disappointed. One of the things I like most about Lindsey Kelk's writing style is that she says what we're all thinking. I particularly like a line in the novel where she references look at someones baby scan by pointing out that you're looking at the inside of someones uterus! This storyline in particular is incredibly relevant to those of us who are at the age when all our friends are getting married. The endless cycle of hen parties and weddings and often, the bridesmaids dresses too (my most recent one was red like the one on the cover!)

Maddie is an interesting character. I loved reading about her over the course of this book because she seems to be fearless. She just goes for what she wants and doesn't care how she looks doing it, she has no shame and I think that's an ace way to be in life! Her friends on the other hand, i didn't have so much love for. Lauren seemed incredibly spoiled to me and like the kind of high maintenance friend we all try and phase out eventually. Sarah seemed a little bit more sensible and I liked her a little more but I did feel that she was trying to put a brave face on her divorce and that if she had've just let herself wallow for a bit then her emotions wouldn't have gotten the better of her at pivotal points during the wedding planning. 

Of course there are some male interests in this book-it couldn't be a Lindsey Kelk novel without a delicious guy or two to lust over and there are males a plenty in this novel. I kind of don't want to mention how many or who because I don't want to give anything away but there is a moment where Maddie is romanced to the hilt, proper old Hollywood style, and this was just a joy to read. This book had me laughing hysterically in points. I read the majority of this at an airport or on a plane which was a little embarrassing but totally worth the laughs because I just relate to Lindsey's humour so much! Even if you haven't read any other Kelk novels, you should pick this one up. Its relatable, romantic, funny and so so true to life. I loved the ending and its just a great read!


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