Saturday 2 May 2015

Paperback April-Wrap Up!

Thanks so much to Sophie and Suze for hosting paperback month. I really enjoyed being given the chance to read some of the paperbacks that were on my shelf. It was fortunate that this month fell in the school holidays as well because I read the majority of the books during that time. As you'll be able to see from the difference between this post and the mid point post, there's not much difference. This gives you an insight into my reading habits though-its a bit of a binge reading lifestyle! However I did do a 24 hour readathon this weekend where I read one whole paperback as well as finishing one ebook and one audiobook.

I'm afraid that when term is really busy and my eyes don't really want to open, then audiobooks are the only saviour for me! But here's what I managed to read. I'll include everything I read including non-paperbacks in the name of honesty!




Paperbacks I'm currently reading...

So that was 7 paperbacks altogether 5 audiobooks and 3 ebooks so I have a paperback majority which i think is awesome! I'm also really pleased with the total for the month. I did quite a lot of driving in the school holidays so that's probably more audiobooks that usual (I normally do one a week) but I've got a trip back up north this weekend so I'll probably finish my current audiobook listen which is this:

Thanks again to these fabulous bloggers for hosting-now I just need to decide what I'm going to focus on in May. It's a busy work month so just getting through a few of my review copies/NetGalley books would be terrific, I'm not expecting to be able to read anywhere near as many books as in April-somebody pass the novellas!

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