Sunday 3 July 2016

Cover Reveal: Watch Me by Angela Clarke

Another Sunday, another cover reveal, very exciting though!


Angela Clarke

Publishing in eBook and paperback: 3rd November

You have six seconds to view this suicide note, and twenty-four hours to save the girl’s life.

The brand new novel from rising star Angela Clark, and the second in her chilling and provocative Social Media Murders series. Feisty young journalist Freddie Venton and ambitious police officer Nasreen Cudmore are up against a depraved killer who takes pleasure in taunting them online.

If you liked Follow Me, then just you wait for this one. When a girl shares a photo of herself begging for help only moments before she goes missing, it goes viral. But was the picture really sent by her, or was it a threat?

As the same process happens over and over, it's time for Freddie and Nas to team up once more. But neither of them are quite the same after the Apollyon case. Can they hold their nerve to face another faceless threat?

Are you ready for the cover then?

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