Thursday 28 July 2016

My Starbucks Story

So many of you may have seen on twitter that one of the reasons I am visiting Seattle is to go to the original Starbucks. You may also have seen that when I visit a new Starbucks I haven't been to before AND BUY SOMETHING I check into it and count it. Here's where that all started... (I know I have mentioned this before but I wanted to mark the momentous occasion of visiting the original one somehow!)

So a whole ago, a freind of mine asked if I knew how many different branches of Starbucks I'd been to. I think I had checked in on face book to one in another area. Like me, he had been to New York and seen the sheer volume of Starbucks there. There are also a lot of Starbucks in London and I was living near London at the time. Apparently I wasn't working very hard at the time so I had a free moment to take to the Starbucks website and list all the Starbucks I had been to WORLDWIDE. Although there are lots in New York and many other cities I have travelled to, I do have a good memory and do tend to 'sit in' when I go to Starbucks and so I was able to remember the various branches I had been to based on the towns, cities, airports and service stations I had been to. 

I came to a number that was in the region of 150, all this after his innocent Faceboook comment! And from then on, I started checking into a new Starbucks whenever I went there and bought something. Initially I just checked in on Facebook and then I discovered four square and started checking in on there. I now use swarm and only use that for checking in to Starbucks so I can easily keep track of them. 

So today marks the 250th brach of Starbucks I have visited. The original Starbucks in Seattle. I can't tell you how excited I have been about this and I knew that it needed to be a significant number. I came very close to the number, but knew I would probably grab a few Starbucks on the journey to Seattle and so left myself a few short. I eneded up not going there on my first day in Seattle just so I could top my number up until I reached 249 because the journey didn't actually allow me to visit many Starbucks due to delays and security etc. 

Just because I have reached 250, I'm not going to stop checking into Starbucks now, I'll just have to decide where I want my 300th branch to be! 


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