Wednesday 13 July 2016

Review: Our Song by Dani Atkins

The stunning new emotional drama from ebook phenomenon Dani Atkins, author of Fractured - perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes and Dorothy Koomson.

This is the story of Ally and Charlotte, whose paths have intersected over the years though they've never really been close friends. Charlotte married Ally's ex and first true love, David. Fate is about to bring them together one last, dramatic time and change their lives forever. 

Full of Dani's signature warmth and emotion, this is a gripping and emotional family drama. With breath-taking plot twists, Dani explores themes of serendipity, friendship and love. She fully engages the reader in the dilemmas faced by her characters. What would you do if your husband was the love of somebody else's life? And when faced with an agonising decision, could you put the past behind you and do the right thing?

Review: I put off reading this book for a little while because I was told it was going to make me cry. I haven't been in the mood for a weepy recently but eventually I decided that the best tactic to take was probably going to be to download the audiobook. So i listened to this audiobook as part of a readathon and so I absolutely flew through ti but this allowed me to immerse myself in the story and really get to know these four main characters. Let me tell you-I loved this book so much more that I thought I would!

I think the thing I liked most about the book was the structure. I really like the fact that we meet these two women and have no idea how they are connected to the men we meet at the beginning of the novel or any idea how they are connected to one another. As the story develops, we learn more about each one through her moder day life and also through flashbacks. I love the fact that this is actually a bit of a mystery-figuring out how everything all ties up and how it is going to end up!

I really like the fact that this is centred on two women. I like the fact that they hold the power. Although they are there because of a man or two men, they still hold the power in the book and I really respect thw writer for that. I think that, had this been more male-centric, I wouldn't have warmed to the story line or the characters as much. Speaking or storyline, this is one is seriously dramatic. There are twists and turns left right and centre and of course real moments where tissues will be needed. Because you get so invested in these two women, it is bound to be emotional and so this definitely comes with a tissue warning.

Despite the fact that this book is emotional, this was a really good read. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I think this was because the book is also heart warming and also affirms the role of the strong woman in this kind of a novel. I really recommend this book, although set aside plenty of reading time-you're going to want to stick with this one!

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