Monday 16 January 2017

Review: A Gift For You by Patricia Scanlan

A warm, wise, funny and heartfelt collection of short stories from bestselling novelist Patricia Scanlan - the perfect gift and the perfect treat! 

Collected to celebrate Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and birthdays, as well as offering wise words on how to deal with difficult days, these stories will entertain and delight readers. Meet Magdalena as she prepares for the birth of her first child, knowing her family are in another country - but will her fiancĂ© surprise her for Christmas? Share memories of treasured tree decorations and the stories they hold. Delight as Irene remembers her husband on Valentine's Day and fate finds a way to remind her of the love they shared. Cheer along with Sophie as she finally finds the courage to deal with a fairweather friend, and laugh as a grandmother receives a visit from her granddaughter - only to turn the tables on her and show her who is boss! 

Lose yourself in sublime storytelling - the perfect gift for readers everywhere.

Review: I really enjoyed making my way through these short stories. They're all very similar in length and so make for [perfect bedtime reading or reading whilst you're waiting for someone or something. I did find myself finishing one story and then saying 'oh just one more' and so they do make for compelling reading, that's for sure. All the stories are complete in themselves but all seem to have a similar theme of allowing time for yourself or completing something you always wanted to do, hence the title, a gift for you. After reading this I did feel like I should be kinder to myself and treat myself the way I treat others!

The book is split into sections for various holidays. Christmas, valentines, birthday, mothers days and difficult days. My favourite section by far was the birthday section. The stories in this section were all funny and the final story of the book made me laugh so much that I had to re-read it! I really enjoyed the Christmas stories and will probably read these again next Christmas!

Overall I think the book was a really good idea. The fact that the Christmas stories are first shows that it is perfect for the festive season, but I loved that that stories had so much more to give than just that! I really liked the length of the stories. Many of them were set in Ireland, a couple in London and so they had a familiar setting too, which helped. I liked the fact that I got to meet so many new characters and got to complete a whole story before having to put the book back down again . I would definitely recommend this book to read at any time or year and I really recommend allowing one of these stories a day to really spread out the pleasure!

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