Friday 6 January 2017

Review: A Shoe Addicts Christmas by Beth Harbison

From the author of the beloved bestseller Shoe Addicts Anonymous comes a heartwarming twist on a classic tale filled with holiday cheer.
Noelle is not a fan of the holidays and to make matters worse, she is at a crossroads in her life when it seems that love and adventure are no longer possible. When she stays late at her job in a department store on a snowy Christmas Eve she accidentally gets locked in after closing. She isn’t too concerned about the prospect of spending the night in the store…until a woman appears out of nowhere and tells Noelle that she’s her guardian angel. Soon Noelle finds herself camped out in the shoe department facing several “ghosts” of Christmases past, present, and future...Will visiting the holidays of yesterday and tomorrow help Noelle see the true spirit of Christmas? And will the love she has longed for all her life be the best surprise gift of all?

Review: I really enjoyed this festive novella. I mean anyone who knows me would know that it would be my absolute dream to be stuck on my own in a department store around Christmas time and so the whole idea behind this storyline is very me indeed! I loved the description of the store itself and of the way it made Noelle feel with and without people in it. I could really picture myself there and picture the way that Noelle was handling the whole thing. 

I thought the kind of ghosts of Christmas aspect of the story was interesting as well. Each memory is triggered by a certain pair of shoes, which is very appropriate considering the fact that this is part of the shoe addicts series, but it really felt like a new take on this old idea and I very much enjoyed that side of things. 

As for the characters, i could definitely relate to Noelle. I think that she was very easy to like, but also very easy to identify with. Who couldn't imagine themselves working so hard that they don't even notice that their workplace has been locked up around them? I for one, was glad that someone came and kicked me out every night before they locked the school up! I liked that Noelle had faults as well, no one likes a goody two shoes after all. I loved her so much that I really hope I get to read more about her in the future!

The fairy godmother character, the person guiding Noelle through her festive memories was suitably eccentric. I loved that she knew that she was dead but didn't have many other memories from her 'living' life. I also liked the way that she interacted with Noelle, it felt very appropriate. 

This novella definitely could have been stretched into a full length novel with a bit more build up at the beginning and more appearances from some of the supporting characters. I also would have loved to have heard more about what happened to Noelle after that night, but it was the perfect reading length to fit in around the festive period. I read this is one sitting and would definitely recommend getting this to add t your festive TBR or to read at any time of year for that matter!

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