Wednesday 4 January 2017

December Wrap-Up

So what did I manage to read in the month of December? The answer is a hell of a lot more than I read in November. I didn't quite manage to read the 45 I needed to to reach my Goodreads goal but I did manage to read 22 books and novellas!

Here's what I read. (I'm not going to separate by how I read them this time!)

I'm pretty proud of the final push that I had and I'm only sorry that my favourite books of 2016 came out before I read a few that I finished off during the BookTubeAThon because some of those were truly excellent.

What did you manage to read in December? Should I continue to pursue the festive reads I didn't manage to get to during the festive period?

My January TBR will be up tomorrow-happy reading!

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