Monday 14 January 2019

Bout of Books 24 Day 7 Update and Wrap Up

So here's my wrap up for Bout of Books 24! I was an expert this time around again so I have been trying to comment on people's blog posts and tweets and instagram pics but its hard to remember all the time! I took part in both twitter chats, every blog challenge and also every bookstagram challenge-yey!

I read 12 whole books and 1 part book (I finished an audiobook I started last week). 2 of those books were graphic novels, 5 of those books were picture books. 4 of the complete novels were young adult and one was adult. 3 of the books I finished were audiobook, 3 were ebooks and the rest were audiobooks. Page number stats are all below!

Today's Reading

Today I read Words We Don't Say by KJ Reilly since this was a book from my original TBR that I felt like I could read today. This was the only day I didn't listen to any audiobook at all. I am ready to start a new one next week now!

279 pages

The Books

So here's a summary of what I read this week with page count and a final total...

128 pages

128 pages

320 pages

144 pages (my only part book this week)

32 pages

36 pages

32 pages

32 pages

16 pages

368 pages

400 pages

384 pages

279 pages

Pages Read Today:  279
Pages Read This Week: 2299
Complete Books Finished: 12
Part Books Finished: 1

I love Bout of Books and will definitely be joining in next time-will you?


  1. Great job! The Everless series bookcovers are so gorgeous!! Hope you had fun this BoB! I will definitely be doing the next one!

  2. What an amazing Bout of Books experience it seems you've had - all that reading whilst being in an expert role too. Go you!!

  3. Woaaah you read so much - congrats! <3 I can't wait to read Happy Girl Lucky!

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