Saturday 12 January 2019

Bout of Books Day 5 Update & Day 6 Challenge

Today was an ok day. I had volunteering all morning which meant another couple of picture books added to the list but work in the afternoon as well meant no more time to make a lot of progress on my other books. I fell asleep when I got home in the evening and so just did audiobook before bed, my eyes literally couldn't take any ebook reading!

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge is dream cast, to cast a book that hasn't yet been made into a film. I think I would like to do a book I read last summer because it is set in Cornwall and would make an awesome film!

I would cast Milo Ventimiglia as Jack and Emilia Clarke as Seren. Let me know if you've read this and have thoughts on the other characters...

The Books

I managed to listen to another third of Evermore. I really thought I might finish it today but there's always tomorrow... I listened to 122 pages.

Again I only managed a little read of this one over breakfast so read another 5% equating to 20 pages, its so good though!

32 pages

16 pages

Pages Read Today:  190
Pages Read This Week: 1662
Complete Books Finished: 8
Part Books Finished: 1

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