Sunday 6 January 2019

Movie Reviews: December 30th-January 5th

Another Sunday, another lot of movie reviews. There is one movie that I saw this week that I won't be reviewing until next week because I am going to be doing a book vs movie video over on my channel during the week so I don't want to spoil my reaction to it here so make sure you keep your eyes open for that during the week. 

As always, I go into more detailed thoughts on my movie reviews video over on my BookTube channel which I will leave at the bottom of this post once it is live so if you want a little more detail, give that a watch please and thank you!

I saw this one on my birthday and I was a little disappointed that I had decided to do this for my birthday putting because I wasn't exactly wowed by the film. A friend of my said it best when she said that it was just a vehicle for the music, which I totally agree with. Emily Blunt is great, Julie Walters is great and the nods to the original characters and music is also really lovely but the film as a whole was just OK, not great. 

I highly recommend this one, the casting is excellent, the storytelling is perfect, i learned a lot. It was also very entertaining and I hope that it takes home something at the Golden Globes Tonight!

If I didn't know this was a true story I would have thought it was a little far-fetched so you definitely need to suspend your disbelief a little going into this one. I thought Steve Carell did a great job of portraying an artist who has PTSD after he is attacked outside a bar. This film was very quietly emotional and moving, you don't see it coming but its definitely one that stays with you!

This on was OK but just too long. Mary Poppins is longer than this film but this one felt so much longer so I did start to get bored. It was interesting seeing the story mainly from Mary's point of view but don't even get me started on the fact that there are only a handful of people who use their own accents in this one, David Tennant was wonderful as John Knox and deserves some recognition!

This is my favourite film of 2019 so far (I saw Vice in 2018) I laughed, I gasped, there was way more sex than I expected! I just love the fact that this film is fronted by three women, all of whom do a great job of it and that the story itself is dominated by women. They also don;t put anything in here just for shocks sake or just for audience pleasing sake, something which has happened in other films I went to see recently. Definitely recommend this one, I will be watching it again for sure!

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