Wednesday 9 January 2019

Bout of Books 24 Day 2 Update & Day 3 Challenge

Today was definitely not as a good a reading day as yesterday. I planned to get up earky and get some reading done but I just hot snooze. I did read over breakfast again but this was at about 10am! I then didn't really read again until that little bit before bed finishing Paper Girls-I was tired. My car journeys were shorter than I thought so I only listened to the first hour of Evermore, I plan to listen to more today!

Today's Challenge

Today's challenge is Six degrees of separation from Bout to Books. Find an original way to connect the two words (Bout and Books) through six books-here goes...

The word Bout appears in Louise Pentland Wilde aBOUT the Girl.

Louise did a book event with Lindsey Kelk to promote that book. 

Lindsey did most of her book events this year with Giovanna Fletcher and Paige Toon.

Paige Toon Shares a Publisher with Holly Hepburn.

Holly Hepburn is a pen name this author uses. 

Scarlet Bailey is also a pen name used by author Rowan Coleman

Rowan Coleman wrote the memory BOOK!


The Books

I finished the final 39 pages in Paper Girls Vol. 5

I started listening to Evermore by Sara Holland but I only listened to the first 41 pages. 

I also started Happy Girl Lucky, the first in the new Valentines series by Holly Smale. I read 20% of this on my Kindle amounting to 80 pages. 

Pages Read Today:  160
Pages Read This Week: 1008
Complete Books Finished: 3

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