Thursday 29 December 2016

Christmas Book Tubeathon

The Holiday BookTubeathon starts today. To find out more about that. You can watch the info video below or follow the twitter account. This readaton only last 3 days instead of the usual week and so it a lot less fast-paced than the regular BookTubeathon.

I made a video about this as the final of my vlogmas videos so you can watch that here...

But I have had to change a couple of the books that I have chosen because I actually ended up finishing the two books that I said I was going to read part of both and then they would count as one book so here are the books I am planning on reading and chatting about on my booktube channel:

Challenge 1:
Pick a book with your favorite colour on the cover.

This will be The One We Fell in Love With by Paige Toon. Although the finished cover doesn't have pink on it, the proof cover does. See my video if you want photographic proof!

Challenge 2:
Pick a book from a genre you have discovered/re-discovered this year.

As you know recently, I've been reading quite a few short stories and enjoying them so I'm going to replace A Gift For You by Patricia Scanlan (because I have already finished it) with A Merry Christmas by Louisa May Alcot. This is  selection of Christmas short stories, because the tree is still up, by the author of Little Women. I watched that the other day so it totally seems appropriate!

Image result for christmas stories louisa may alcott

Challenge 3:
Read 3 books over the 3 days

So to add to my other 2 books, I want to read Instructions For a Second Hand Heart by Tamsyn Murray

Image result for instructions for a second hand heart

I will try my best to chronicle what I am reading over the 3 days and post the update video on my YouTube channel so if you haven't already subscribed, then feel free to do so then you won't miss the updates. You can also watch all my vlogmas videos up to xmas eve on there-yey!

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