Friday 23 December 2016

It's my Birthday! 32 facts about me!

Yes it's my birthday today! And in case you hadn't guessed from the title of this post, I am 32 today (more on that below!) So I always do something different on the blog on my birthday, I think last years was rather rushed so apologies for that! This year I decided to let you in on some facts about me which you may or may not know, but hopefully you get a little bit more of an insight into me because of them! I;m also going to do a video on this too if you'd rather watch that.

1. I am a teacher and right now I really miss it!
2. I lived in Scotland for 6 years. 
3. I spent 5 years at university.
4. I am currently 50% through a masters in Education.
5. I have 3 first drafts and 2 short stories hiding on my computer!
6. I was born in Yorkshire, very proud to be a yorkshireman!

7. I currently live in Denver (big change)
8. I have lived in Kent & Berkshire
9. I have taught in 27 different schools
10. I love shoes and have a very large collection
11. Have 2 tattoos, both of my fvaourite things!
12. I love musicals-especially stage musicals!
13. Glasgow is my favourite place to be, instant sense of home there!

14. I collect Starbucks locations and have been to 360 as of today (I'm drinking one right now)!
15. Just got married in Las Vegas!
16. I'm an only child-I like it!
17. I love whisky and have an extensive collection!
18. It took me 5 attempts to pass my driving test...
19. I have a phobia of balloons and people in costumes.
20. I can't throw or catch (but have had to teach it!)
21. Both my parents are scientists but I'm just not!
22. I love to coupon and get lots of free stuff because of it.
23. My degree is in RE/Theology and English Language, I loved it! 
24. I have a good sense of direction and can always find shops!
25. I still suck my thumb when I'm tired/ill
26. I like both tea and coffee

27. The only drinks I don't like are gin, grapefruit juice & brandy
28. Cauliflower makes me sick
29. I love baths, especially with Lush products in them!
30. My favourite Disney film is Aladdin.
31. I hate anything orange flavoured.
32. Is my favourite number

Please do let me know if any of these facts are new to you, I enjoyed sharing a little bit more of myself with you and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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