Monday 12 December 2016

Review: The One With The Hen Weekend by Erin Lawless

Nora Dervan is ready for her Happy Ever After. With her darling Harry waiting at the altar, and all her family and friends around her. She is certain that her special day will not be forgotten/will be one to remember…
But with her four bridesmaids hiding more secrets, than bottles of champagne. Will her big day be remembered for all the right reasons?
Bea has barely gotten past the fact that her two best friends are dating, and now they’re engaged, whilst cupid’s arrow points in a forbidden direction for Cleo. She is so distracted by her off limits, hot new colleague that she has forgotten Daisy, who has been left dreading the singles table. There’s more romance in the cheesy pick- up lines than Sarah’s own marriage, which hasn’t turned out as she hoped it would be.

Review: firstly, I think I've worked out that one of the things I love best about this a bridesmaids series by Erin Lawless is that, whilst the books are titled, the one with...The Engagement Party/ The Wedding Dress/ The Hen Weekend, there is so much more to the story than just that thing! The novellas are about the characters, they are character drive instalments of one big story and the humour that comes in the run up to a wedding. I love that fact that I can't wait to read more abut Cleo and Gray, about Bea and Eli, about Sarah and Cole, about Daisy and of course bride Nora! 

This instalment was always going to be an explosive one, and boy does it end with a lot of fireworks! The hen weekend always has the potential to be a source of animosity amongst guests and of course bridesmaids, and there are so many little things that niggle in this storyline, so many things I know would get my back up if I were the bride or the bridesmaid! And this author builds them all up so well, a little bitchy moment here, someone taking over moseying they shouldn't here, a costume no one wanted to wear over here and too much to drink there, so subtle but so effective! Whilst this is definitely a quick read and a Short story, we have every aspect of a fully blown novel storyline in here! 

As I mentioned above, this is very much a characters driven story and each of the characters have their own issues that they bring to this third instalment of the bridesmaids series. Each of their storylines is well-developed too. I think we hear a little more from friend, not bridesmaid Claire in this particular episode and we also get a little more insight into the character of Daisy. I'm really warming to Daisy in ways I dint think I would. Of course we get to hear a little more about Cleo and Gray, definitely my favourite storyline to follow, one moment with Cleo actually had me gasp and do a little shiver (no spoilers here!) and there are definitely some tense moments between the characters too! 

I cannot wait for the final instalment in this one, I seriously need to know what happens and how things that were left up in the air at the end of this instalment are finally resolved! I loved this read and if you haven't read any of this series, there's still time to catch up, do it now! Just click here!

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