Friday 30 December 2016

Review: George by Alex Gino

When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she's not a boy. She knows she's a girl.

George thinks she'll have to keep this a secret forever. Then her teacher announces that their class play is going to be Charlotte's Web. George really, really, REALLY wants to play Charlotte. But the teacher says she can't even try out for the part . . . because she's a boy.

With the help of her best friend, Kelly, George comes up with a plan. Not just so she can be Charlotte -- but so everyone can know who she is, once and for all.

Review: ok so I knew I really wanted to read this novel but I totally didn't know what to expect from it. I was so intrigued to see how a middle grade book deals with this in a way that is open and accepting to its audience. I'm still not sure how Alex Gino has done this, but it has been achieved. I loved every moment of this book, it made me think, it made me happy, it made me sad, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. 

The character of George is such a strong character. She wants to be accepted, she is confused as to what being accepted will look like and yet she is confident enough to already knwl who she is and to knwl that the person she is living her life as isn't right. She has so many ideas what what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a girl , I seriously wish I had known who I was in such a strong and confident way when I was in fourth grade! This is such a character driven book and we get to to see and hear what George is feeling and go through this whole process with her. 

It is hard to comment on the storyline of this bok because the book and the storyline is George. We get to live a week in Goerge's shoes and get to see how she handles telling Freinds and family that she doesn't want to live as a boy anymore. I loved some of the other characters in the book. I really liked reading about George's Mom's journey and also I found myself like George's brother more than I thought I would. I loved Kelly and I think anyone reading this book will wind up wanting her as their best friend! I also loved the principal of George's school and I loved all the moments that were set in and around the school, I thought it was written incredibly well. 

This is an important book and an important story. I love the fact that this is a middle grade read and that I am sure that I have got as much out of this novel as a middle grade reader or a young adult reader would. This is a short but sweet story but George as a character, will stick with you for a long time! 

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  1. I've heard a lot of great stuff about this book, and really want to read it!

    (You accidentally refer to George as 'him' at the end of the fifth paragraph - you might want to amend that)

    Great review :)

    1. Thank you, I've changed this now, I think I wrote on my iPad so it was probably the demon autocorrect!

      Happy reading!