Thursday, 31 August 2017

August Wrap Up

As you read this I will be flying across the Atlantic (if you read it on the day I post it obviously, I'm not always in the sky!) how cool is that? So I ended my August reading on 29th August and began my September TBR on 30th August so that I could talk about what I ended up reading on my long long flight back to the UK. You know how it is when you plan to read or watch something on a plane and then end up falling asleep for longer than you intended or being in the mood for one genre over another. So it just seemed easier this way!

So here is what I read during the month of August, thanks to Bout of Books for helping me to end strong! As usual, I have divided this into ebook, physical books and audiobooks!


Physical Books


I also read the first 100 pages of this one but I just couldn't get on with it and so I didn't finish it. It is by one of my favourite authors as well and so I was gutted when I just couldn't finish it. 


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