Thursday 24 August 2017

Bout of Books Day 3 Update / Day 4 Challenge

Well things have been going quite well for me as far as sticking to my reading goals go. I read less pages on day 3 than I have all week but I am keep track and enjoying what I am reading so its all good. As always, totals are at the bottom if you want to scroll down to those... 

Today's challenge is an 'If you like this, try that' challenge. So I'm going to be a little bit lazy because last week I shared my Top Ten Contemporary YA Romance recommendations, so if you like that genre, you make like some of these!

And now onto what I read yesterday!

I read another 20% (79 pages) of this one outside today until the sun got too hot and I had to retreat back to the aircon! So I am just over half way and hope to finish this one on day 4 since that it publication day! 

I downloaded this one on audiobook because it has been waiting for me to read it in on my Kindle and I just haven't got round to it so my audible credit came along and I went for it! I listened to just under half of this one today, 137 pages!

I read my two stories from this book today. I didn't love these two as much as yesterday's two but I really loved Christine Riccio's (PolandBannasBooks) section, it was very funny! These two sections I read today totalled 46 pages. 


And my Kiera Cass read for the day? I skipped Th Guard and went straight onto the favourite (I'll read The Guard tomorrow) and I also read the rest of the materials in Happily Ever After including the 'where are they now?' and The Maid. This meant that I read 116 pages of this today and I am nearly finished it!

Pages Read Today: 378
Pages Read This Week: 1346
Complete Books Finished: 1

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