Sunday 27 August 2017

Bout of Books Day 6 Update

I got back to reading today-yey! There is no challenge today so I'll just get into what I read...

I started by listening to all of this audiobook-I absolutely loved it and listened to the whole thing at at once (with my new headphones!) and this comes in at 320 pages.

And then I went back to this becauty. I read 123 pages of this in the bath today and I am really enjoyng it! I will probably read some more before bed so that will kick off day 7 beautifully. 

I did listen to a little it of this but nothing noteworthy so I'll catch up with this tomorrow!

I will also definitely finish off The Guard tomorrow and the rest of Because You Love to Hate me, I even moved my nail appointment so I would have more time!

Pages Read Today: 443
Pages Read This Week: 1897
Complete Books Finished: 6

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