Monday 7 August 2017

Review: I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk

Celebs, sunshine and beautiful boys!enough to lead a girl astray? Angela Clark can't believe her luck! she's an English girl living in New York with a dream job at hip magazine The Look and a sexy boyfriend. Her latest assignment takes her to Hollywood to interview hot actor and fellow Brit James Jacobs.Thrown in at the deep end she heads west with best friend Jenny dreaming of Rodeo Drive and Malibu beach. Soon Angela discovers that celebrity life in Hollywood is not all glamour, gloss and sunshine. Despite his lady-killer reputation, the only person who seems genuine is James. Then a paparazzi snaps them in an uncompromising position and suddenly Angela is thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons! Can she convince all those close to her -- especially her boss and her boyfriend -- not to believe everything they read? And will Hollywood ever win Angela's heart?

Review: Ok so this was a re-read for me but I didn't post a review of it when I first read it because, unlike Angela, I didn't have a blog back then. I can still remember what it felt to read it the first time though and so I can mix this together with my feelings this time and come up with this great review for one of my all time favourite series reads!

Firstly it was amazing to catch up with Angela after the triumph that was I heart New York, but not just Angela, all the other characters too! I love love loved getting to hear more about Jenny and Alex and new character James Jacobs. These characters all feel so real and because I've already travelled through this series with them it was great to see them again. Angela gets herself into so many awkward and stupid situations in this book and yet I still love her and still want everything to be ok for her! And Jenny, as always helps her out of these situations in ways that only Jenny can. I also loved catching up with Alex in this book, he starts to become his own person, doing his own thing and isn't JUST Angela's love interest, which was great!

Obviously the setting of this book is great. It was fab watching someone from the UK who has fallen in love with New York navigate LA because they are SUCH different places and so it was good to see this from an outsider's point of view. Too often you read books set in LA or Hollywood itself and they are from people who have grown up there or who have moved there from smaller towns and not from someone who has come from another major city, one where you can walk everywhere, to this city filled with traffic. I loved that fact that Chateau Marmont features in this book as well because it is such an intriguing place, somewhere I have seen but never been in. 

As a re-read this book was great, there were so many small details I had forgotten because when I read this book it was 2010 and it had just come out so it was wonderful to pick up on those little nuances again, especially knowing what I know now about this group of characters. If you haven't read this series yet, I heartily recommend you do. And if you are a fan of this series and toying with the idea of re-reading them, I heartily recommend doing what I did and downloading the audio version because it will give you a whole new perspective and the narrator is great at switching between the accents. 

Want to read this before you catch up with the rest of the I Heart Series? Just click the link: UK or US

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