Friday 25 August 2017

Bout of Books Day 4 Update / Day 5 Challenge

So today was a pretty good reading day today again. I finished another audiobook and finished my ebook too. As always, totals are at the bottom if you want to skip down to those...

Today's challenge was to post a review of a book you read this week and share it on Amazon/Goodreads etc. I already had this review scheduled in for today so again, I'm being a bit lazy, but I'm reviewing The Seven Imperfect Rules of Elvira Carr by Frances Maynard, and you can find that here! I always share my reviews on both Amazons, Goodreads and all the other social media!

I read the last 50% of this one (that I just shared my review of) and finished the book. That totals about 196 pages. 

I then listened to the last half of this one as well, which totalled 190 pages and meant another book completed!

I was really hoping to be able to read this one today and then I could have the whole Happily Ever After Finished but I was just falling asleep so I will definitely finish this one on day 5. I read 40 pages of this. 

And then I started a new book whilst I was tidying and packing and I am quite enjoying it so far. I have been wanting to read it for ages so now seemed like as good a time as any! I listened to this on audio and read 134 pages.

I didn't manage to fit in the 2 stories from Because You Love To Hate Me today, hopefully I can catch up over the next few days!

Pages Read Today: 660
Pages Read This Week: 1346
Complete Books Finished: 4 (nearly 5!)