Tuesday 22 August 2017

Bout of Books Day 1 Reading Update / Day 2 Challenge!

Well today went better than I thought it was going to considering the fact that I got up so much later than I intended. I made up for that though by reading at night at both ends of the day! It wasn't until I actually totalled my pages that I realised how much reading I'd actually put in! If you just want to know totals then you can skip to the bottom. I'll be updating in this way each day this week so you can track my progress along with me!

Before I go into what I read. Today's challenge was set over in the Bout of Books Site and was to rewrite the synopsis of a book from another character's perspective. Of course I knew which one I was going to rewrite (and you'll probably be able to guess too if you've been following my seriously hyped up state around this series!)

Hi! My name's Jenny Lopez-no not that one- and this chick came into the hotel last week who I have GOT to tell you about. It was the classic case of a bad break up and I knew I needed to channel some serious Oprah and attempt to do some damage control there. She seems kinda cool so I don't mind helping her out. Here's my plan:

1. New wardrobe
2. New man
3. Find out if she really has what it takes to make it in the greatest city on earth! 

This could be my toughest project yet, but what's the worst that could happen?

And now for some reading updates...

I read the last 120 pages of One of Us is Lying. I started this at midnight to get a good head start on the readathon!

I also finished off this beauty (not long until I Heart Forever!) which totalled 100 pages.

Then I started this one and had a rather pleasant time reading this one on my balcony and read 30% which totals 115 pages.

I want to read this one during the readathon too, but I'm going to separate it into the separate stories so it doesn't seem as daunting and I can manage a whole one in one sitting. So yesterday I read...

Which was 87 pages!

And then similarly, I would like to read one of these short stories everyday. There are 13 of them though so I'm going to have to read 2 a day aren't I? Yesterday I read 1 story and companion totalling 20 pages

Pages Read Today: 442
Pages Read This Week: 442
Complete Books Finished: 0

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