Sunday 22 July 2018

Film Reviews July 15th-21st

Well this week was another good week for movie watching, i enjoyed most things I went to see! I didn't pay for anything out of pocket this week except for Oli's ticket! 

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This film was awesome. It starts off as being the story of these three guys who find each other and then gets a whole lot darker. This is an excellent documentary by channel four that is on general theatre release over here!

This film started out as a dark comedy with some interesting thoughts on racial discrimination's as well as the divide between middle and working classes but then gets really really odd. I almost feel like I was to review the first half of this film separately from the latter half. I wouldn't recommend this one. 

So I never thought I would go and see this film, that's the beauty of Movie Pass I suppose. And I haven't seen the previous 18 films but now I kind of want to, never thought I would be saying that either. The start of this film was a bit slow for me but i think that's probably because I didn't know who all the characters were but once things picked up I really enjoyed the action and the humour!

I mean of course i loved this one. It was as cheesy as anything and some of the Dad's scenes were seriously cringey but that's Dads for you. I like that this one had ABBA songs not everyone will have heard of. I liked that some of it was set in the UK and I liked that we had parallel storylines going on. Cher is serious hammed up but in a really good way and there are some other interesting cameos to look out for so keep your eyes peeled! Also stay until the end of the credits for a bonus little scene!

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