Monday 23 July 2018

Review: When Life Gives You Lululemons (The Wives) by Lauren Weisberger

He set her up. They’ll bring him down.
Emily Charlton does not do the suburbs. A successful stylist and image consultant to Hollywood stars, she cut her teeth as assistant to legendary fashion editor Miranda Priestly in New York. But with Snapchatting millennials stealing her clients, Emily needs to get back in the game – and fast.
She holes up at the home of her oldest friend Miriam in the upscale suburb of Greenwich. And when Miriam’s friend, model Karolina Hartwell, is publicly dumped by her husband Graham, a senator with presidential ambitions, Emily scents the client of a lifetime.
It’s not just Karolina’s reputation that’s ruined. It’s her family. And Miriam and Emily are determined he won’t get away with it. First they’ll get Karolina’s son back. Then they’ll help her get her own back. Because the wives are mad as hell . . .

 The Wives: Emily Charlton is back in a new Devil Wears Prada novel by [Weisberger, Lauren]

Review: I'd been looking forward to reading this one for ages and there was definitely a lot of hype surrounding it but I can definitely tell you that the hype was worth it, this book was so much fun! I really loved, first and foremost, the way this book was structured. Each chapter heading has a line from that chapter as the title which were just hilarious things that you could only find in a society such as that featured in the novel. I also loved the fact that each chapter dealt with one of our three main characters. 

I found catching up with Emily again really easy to do because she was such a great character from Devil Wears Prada. She hasn't changed much but her life is very different now. I loved that fact that she really hasn't changed much and is still in touch with Miranda, I don't think I would have been able to cope with a soft Emily when the Emily I know and love is tough and determined. I loved the new characters we meet as well and could definitely picture the way they fit into this story and they way they would fit into real life. Karolina is all glamorous up front but really all she acres about is loving her family and Miriam is just a typical mother thinking she's not doing a good job, worrying about her marriage and longing for the career she gave up to move to the suburbs!

This book also has all the glamour and drama that the first 2 books in this series had. One of the things I loved about the the first book was showing a New York society that I will never be part of and how that all works and we get a glimpse of that again in this book with with a little Washington DC society and a lot of Connecticut society thrown in. There really is just drama on every page. Drama around baby showers, sex toy parties, political scandal and of course what to wear to social functions in the yummy mummy circles!

This book had a little bit of everything and really was a lot of fun to read. I do hope we get to visit these characters again soon because reading this was pure escapism and I loved it!

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