Sunday 15 July 2018

Movie Reviews July 8th-14th

Well this week was a good week for movie watching, i enjoyed everything I went to see! I did 2 re-watches this week and paid for one movie out of pocket since it was a Fathom event and you can't use Movie Pass for those! I also leave my video review for each of these films at the bottom of this post each week, I would love it you would support my BookTube channel!

Yep I went to see this one again! You can check out my review for this one here, it was just as good the second time around!

This was another re-watch for me. After no enjoying the new movies I saw last week, it was great to watch something that kept me engaged the whole time. This is a long film bu doesn't feel like it. I love the Millennium Falcon and the scenes with Chewbacca! I don't like the new droid and feel like she is way too evolved compared with C3PO and R2D2 who came after her! The new actors in this were good though, i enjoyed it just as much the second time around! 

Now I am not a massive Whitney fan or anything but as soon as I heard that this film as being made I wanted to see it, then when I saw the trailer, I wanted to see it even more! I loved this documentary. They cut it really well with things that were happening in the media and in foreign affairs during the time of her hits. They also got a great range of people to interview, including Bobbi Brown! It was just great-highly recommend. 

I knew nothing about this one going in but a Friend recommended it to me so I went to see it based on the fact that Christopher Plummer is in it! It was really heartwarming and feel good. Three generations of a slightly kooky family on a road trip that may or may not involve a drug deal or two, whats not to love? It was a good film and definitely a recommendation from me!

A documentary on pro-wrestling? Sign me up! And so this is the one I paid out of pocket for since it was special event. It had one of the wrestlers from the film introducing it beforehand and then being interviewed about the film afterwards. It had some really big names from the history of wrestling, was open and honest about drug use, injuries and infidelities when travelling 350 days a year. I really enjoyed it and it was well worth paying for!

This was probably my least favourite film I saw in the week but the most I have looked up information on following it. I assumed this was one big acid trip and was very much influenced by the Beatles but the animator apparently was drug-free (hmm I dunno!) I was disappointed to learn that it wasn't the Beatles voicing themselves in the film and that they really wanted nothing to do with it. I liked the songs obviously and am glad I finally watched it but I won't be watching it again. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it...

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