Sunday 8 July 2018

Movie Reviews: July 1st-July 7th

So I didn't see as many movies as I wanted to this week, the timings and locations didn't work out quite right and really I have seen all the 'new' movies that I really wanted to see. But I have Movie Pass so i still like to go and see things i might like, a little trial if you like. I always do both a post and a video about these films and link the video below...

The first first I saw this week is one of my favourite films but i hadn't seen it on the big screen so it was a real treat. I just love the music and the love story, all the celebrity cameos and the fact that ti is set in Manhattan is a massive bonus too of course. There were lots of kids when I went to see this movie because it was marketed as a kids club thing but I went and enjoyed brunch whilst watching and was envious of all those in there seeing it for the first time!

I checked out what people were saying about this film before seeing it and they said it was funny and if you like basketball that's an added bonus. I don't dislike basketball but I don't know ALL the players. I just thought the comedy in this film was way too out there and wacky for my liking. I also feel like other underdog sports films have been much better, I kept falling asleep if truth be told!

And the final film was definitely more of a miss for me as well. I liked the idea of them trying a social experiment and because of today's climate, I was interested to see how they would handle it in the film. I found out afterwards that this movie was supposed to have been a horror movie. I haven't seen the others in the franchise but this is a prequel so I thought that was OK. I won't be seeing the others in the prequel. This film was super violent, everyone referred to each other as the N word and there was no suspense at all, I felt like it was just a bunch of shots string together and then it ended. I still liked it more than Uncle Drew though!

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