Sunday 1 July 2018

Movie Reviews: 24th-30th June

So here are the movies I've watched in theatres this week. There were less than last week just because of the way my week worked out. I also used my movie pass less than last week but I thought I would include just all the films I saw at the movies and not just those done with movie pass. I'll leave my video review below as well, I would love you to support my channel as much as you have supported my blog!

This was just a really lovely heart warming film. I love Nick Offerman and thought it was appropriate I saw this on his birthday! He loves music and forms a band with his daughter. There is a lot of nostalgia about the way music used to be and tunes on vinyl. He owns a record store and so we have stuff in here about casualties of the high street as well. His daughter is gay and has her first girlfriend, she is also about to go off to college so I liked the coming of age aspect of this movie too. 

Yes I made it this far in life never having seen this move. I paid to see this one rather than using movie pass because I wanted to see it how it originally was on the big screen. I am not a Sondheim fan and so some of the songs didn't sit that great with me. It was good finally seeing those songs I know so well in the context of the film though and obviously Rita Moreno was fabulous in this. I thought it was about an hour too long and I did start to get restless towards the end!

I loved this film and will be going to see it again! I know nothing about the show or about Mr Rogers since it wasn't shown on UK TV but even if you know nothing about it like me, you'll love this movie! I liked the documentary aspect of the film and it made me cry buckets-I literally gave myself indigestion and had a crying puffy eye hangover the next day! Go see this one!

Whoever put this trailer/preview together did  really bad job because it makes the film seem like a cross between American Pie and Ocean's 11! It really isn't. This has real life stories from the people involve in the robbery of expensive and rare books from a university library interspersed with actors depicting what happened. It was a real thrill of a ride, I was on the edge of my seat and holding my breath. The editing was excellent (i think because it was partly made by Film 4) so don't believe the trailer, just go and see it-highly recommended! 

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