Tuesday 10 July 2018

Guest Review: The Summer Getaway by Tilly Tennant

Ashley Moon is all set for a dream holiday with her daughter in the glittering French Riviera. But nothing can prepare her for the shock of discovering who’s staying in the villa next door… 

Ashley Moon got much more than a suntan on her first ever foreign holiday; one whirlwind romance and nine months later she had a daughter,Molly.

Too heart-broken and proud to ever contact the father, Ashley made a decision to go it alone and raise her daughter herself. Fifteen hard and lonely years later, she finally has the chance to take Molly on her first ever holiday; a gorgeous, all-expenses paid trip to the charming French resort of St Raphael. 

It is the perfect setting for a week of quality time together; they plan to cycle through the sun-drenched vineyards, lounge by the glistening pool and practice their French on friendly locals. And just when Ashley thought things couldn’t get any better, comes the news of a handsome new occupant to the villa next door. 

But fate has other plans for Ashley. One look in to her neighbour’s dark hazel eyes is all it takes to give her the shock of her life. Standing in front of her is Haydon, Molly’s long lost father and the holiday fling she thought she’d never see again. 

As the temperature on the Cote D’Azure steadily rises and Ashley and Haydon begin spend more and more time together, will Ashley find the courage to tell him who she is – and more importantly, who Molly is? 

Review: Having read a great many of Tilly Tennant's books in the past, I was really delighted to have the chance to read her latest ebook. It sounded like a really enticing summery tale, and indeed it lived up to my expectations. I was drawn in immediately by the characters and situations, and read it all in no time. 

The story revolves mainly around Ashley Moon, single mother and close friend of teenager Molly, who is already a violinist with a promising future. Having brought her daughter up alone with not very much money to spare, Ashley is delighted when her mum offers her and Molly a week's holiday in the south of France, all expenses covered. They find themselves transported from their small house in York to a large, seaside villa in the French resort of StRaphael, where they join a house party of French relatives. In the neighbouring villa, Haydon, a cello teacher also from England, is spending a week's holiday with his teenage daughter, Ella. The girls hit it off immediately, but it is a shock meeting for Ashley and Haydon, for they have met before. Although enjoying Haydon's company and getting to know him a little better, Ashley is faced with a dilemma over a secret she is harbouring. 

This was a real joy of a story. It had everything going for it - sun, sea, interesting characters, French cuisine and romance. However, Ashley's Secret and whether she should reveal it had me on the edge of my seat all the way through. Would she tell, or would the others find out before she was ready? Added to that, I very much enjoyed the descriptions of the activities entered into by the various members of the party. They really had an eventful, fun-filled week. Definitely a story to be added to the list of holiday reading. 

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