Thursday 12 July 2018

Review: Why Mummy Swears by Gail Sims

Why Mummy Swears is the much anticipated new novel from Gill Sims, author of the hilarious Why Mummy Drinks and online sensation Peter and Jane.
It’s every parents’ nightmare – the start of the school holidays – and instead of sitting in the sun, reading a book over a cold, crisp glass of Pinot Grigio, Mummy has two bored moppets to attend to. After frantically booking sports camps, child minder slots, not to mention time off work, Mummy is exhausted. But this is only the beginning…
After being dragged to join the school’s PTA in the new term by an annoyingly kind-spirited neighbour, Mummy is stuck with organising the Christmas Fayre and pleasing all the overly disapproving parents. In combination with getting to know her father’s surprise new glamorous (and much younger) wife, and being forced to spend more time with her narcissistic mother, life isn’t cutting her much of a break. What more could possibly happen?

Review: This book was just hilarious. It was so great to be back with Ellen again. I felt as if I was on her team and we were fighting the injustices of the world swearing and drinking together. If you think they covered every possible funny mummy scenario in Why Mummy Drinks then think again because there is so much more trouble children and mummies and daddies can get into and it is a just as funny the second time around. 

Ellen is such a great main character to spend time with. She is just down to earth and she gets to say and do exactly what we are all thinking. On the pages of her diary of course. She is strong and opinionated and always feels like she should be doing more to be a good mother. She debunks all the myths surrounding child raising, working and marriage and its just great to get to live vicariously through her for 300 or so pages. The other characters in this book are those that we met in Why Mummy Drinks. Peter and Jane are very typical for children of their age, Jane wants and Instagram account and Peter has been absolutely fascinated by the sex education video they watched at school. 

I absolutely hated Simon, Ellen's husband, in this novel, like seriously shouted at the pages hated him, but well written Gail Sims, I love a character I can feel passionate about! Ellen's family are also featured in this novel and provide great comedy value, serious good fun! I also loved the fact that we get a lot of feminist values coming through the pages of this novel concerning working mothers and fathers babysitting their own children. The way this book is structured is one of my favourites in a novel. I love a book written in diary form because rather than think you'll just get to the end of a chapter, you think you'll read on until the next month and so this was a very quick read for me, but one I laughed my way through entirely!

Although this is a sequel to Why Mummy Drinks, you don't have to have read the first book to enjoy this one, it works on its own. If you ARE planning on reading the first novel in this series though, I would recommend doing that one first so you don't get spoiled for some of the details by reading this one. I read them back to back and can highly recommend both for a jolly good time-so much fun!

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