Thursday 9 January 2020

Bout of Books Day 3 Update and Day 4 Challenge

Day 3 was definitely more of a reading day than a listening day but I still had quite a bit of time in the car and I listened into the early hours of the morning as well... I did some reading sprints over on Twitter and managed to finish a book I already had on the go. So that doesn't add to my complete books finished but it does add to my pages. 


Today's challenge is to draw the scene you just read to recreate it which I think I will share over on my insta stories and also on my vlog of the week. The only issue is that I can't recreate the scene I just read in the book I just finished because it would be a massive spoiler so I will have a think and you'll have to check out my video to find out what I did. 

Reading Update

I started listening to Unexpected Lessons in Love by Lucy Dillon. I read 26% of this one which equates to 121 pages. 

I also finished reading Mr Nobody by Catherine Steadman which I started as a buddy read before Bout of Books began. You can read my review of that here. I read from page 222 so I read 178 pages.

Before going to sleep last night I had a really good crack at the audiobook of Photographer of the Lost by Caroline Scott. I ended up deciding not to finish this one as this was the second time I had tried to read it and in a different format it really didn't help. The writing is beautiful but it just isn't for me. I read 266 pages. 

I read another 10% of We Use to Be Friends by Amy Spalding which comes out today-this equates to approximately 38 pages.

Pages Read Today: 603

Pages Read This Week: 1539

Complete Books Finished: 3

Part Books Finished: 1

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  1. Oh man I still have Something in the Water to read! I think I got it as an ARC...eep! lol. Thanks for the reminder! How was Mr. Nobody? I didn't even know she wrote another book!