Thursday 16 January 2020

Review: Make Do and Mend a Broken Heart by Katey Lovell

When you know how, you can make anything from scratch, including a new life after love...
When Leanne and Richard bought a dilapidated old seaside cottage to renovate together as their forever home, their future was full of hope and promise.
But heartbreak was just around the corner: fast forward a few months and Richard is gone. With his death, Leanne finds herself stony broke, faced with an uninhabitable home and lacking even the basic skills to do it up herself.
With the help of the friendly woman who runs the library and the reluctant assistance of the man who works in the local hardware shop, the cottage is lovingly restored. But broken hearts aren't so easy to fix... are they?

Review: Oh I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. It had heart, it had community, it had all the feels and I just loved spending time with Leanne over the course of this novel. 

Leanne is just a great character to travel this book with. She is hurting and she is healing but she is also determined to be an independent woman. I just loved the strength that she had been if she couldn't always see it herself. I also really loved the way she valued her friends old and new and was willing to try new things in order to be a part of the community. 

This book has such a strong sense of community and that is something which is often missing from our modern lives, particularly those of us that live in big cities. I really enjoyed getting to know the town of Rockgate Bay and its residents. I could definitely recognise them from the community I grew up in. Of course the fact that this is a seaside town, gave this book a certain holiday feel and I loved that having lived in a seaside town during off season. 

There are crafts galore in this book so whether you are into crafting and DIY or whether you just like to live that life vicariously through fiction characters like me, there is something here for everyone. I did feel like getting behind a sewing machine after reading this, but I'm thinking that might be somewhat ill-advised and I'm not sure where I'd find one. 

I just adored this book, it made me feel warm inside and I loved watching Leanne grow over the course of the novel. Highly recommend. 

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