Friday 17 January 2020

Review: Cinders and Sparks Fairies in the Forest by Lindsey Kelk

In this second hilarious Cinders and Sparks adventure, our chaotic comedy duo head for Fairyland to find Cinders’s mother – and get more than they bargained for . . . Perfect for readers of 7-9 and fans of Shrek and Frozen.
Cinders and her talking dog Sparks are on the run, in the Deep Dark Forest, after Cinders performed magic at the castle and made everyone think she was a witch. The hapless Hansel is on the run with them, but only because he ate some of an actual witch’s gingerbread house and she got cross. If they can reach Fairyland, maybe they’ll all be safe.
In the forest they will find three bears, a multitude of ridiculous adventures and one woman called Rapunzel in a tower. But Rapunzel may not be what she seems…
Will Hansel eat the three bears’ porridge? Will Sparks offer useless advice at every turn? Will Brian the fairy godmother appear and actually help for once?
The answers are: yes, yes and no.

Review: Oh my goodness I just love these book and I can't wait to hear what Cinders and Sparks get up to next. If you loved the last Cinders and Sparks book then  you are going to love this one even more. There are more funny moments, more silliness, more girl power and more fairy tales twisted and adapted for your reading pleasure. 

I just love how we can have a children's book that is silly and funny and yet have some strong characters who are good role models in the process. These books take what we know about fairy tales and turn them on their head. The stuff that remains is great fiction and something with a bit of a lesson along the way. 

I also really love the magic in this book. Again, I think that this has been ramped up for book 2 but it is a kind of realistic magic, something which characters often question and often pause before 'activating'. 

I definitely laughed during this book, it was a quick read and I enjoyed every moment of it. I'm headed to pre-order the next book in the series right now!

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