Monday 3 March 2014

Author marathoning March

Now I decided to dedicate February to paperbacks. this didn't go quite as well as I had hoped because February was a very busy and yet very short month for me. So I decided to have another themed month over the course of march. On my bookshelves I have a lot of books. Not only do I have a lot of books but I have a lot of books sitting there written by the same author. I am saving these books up to be marathoned together.

Over the last couple of years I have developed a habit of reading lots of books by the same author altogether. This might be because I have only just discovered this author, or because I have bought books by this author and haven't actually got around to reading them yet. Last year I marathoned some Paige Toon, some Jane Costello, some Victoria Lamb and some Alexandra Brown. This year a would like to get some more author marathoning done. Here is just a little selection of the books that I have by the same author, some of which I will be attempting to marathon on March! 

Paige Toon, Although I read a lot of her novels at the start of last year, I still have some of hers left to read! 

Rebecca Chance. I have four of her novels sitting on my bosh elves waiting for me to read them. 

Jane Costello. I love this author and I currently have three of her books waiting to be read by me. 

David Levithan. I have four of his books sitting on my shelves waiting for me to sit down and work my way through them all! 

Rainbow Rowell. I have her complete collection sitting on my shelf and I intend on getting round to these very soon! 

John Green. With The Fault in Our Stars Movie coming out in June, I would like to have read his other novels, of which I have three sitting there waiting patiently, before I see the movie...

Abbi Glines. I have read only one of her novels so far but I actually have her entire back catalogue sitting in a beautiful row on my bookshelf waiting for a rainy weekend.

Adriana Trigiani. I have her entire back catalogue proudly waiting in my shelves too, having read three of her novels so far. 

Malorie Blackman. I have two novels by the current Children's Laureate waiting to be read, but I know I want to read at least another two (one of which comes out later this year)

Keris Stainton. I have all three of her novels just sitting there, waiting to be marathoned! 

Jennifer E Smith. These books have been sitting on my shelves for faaaaar to long and they definitely need reading soon, read for The Geography of You and Me coming out...

Finally we have Anna and The French Kiss and Lola And The Boy Next Door. I was so excited about getting these beautiful books at long last and yet I've had far to many review books to read to get round to them. I want to read them soon and I want to marathon them! 

So there we have it, I know which ones I think I want to start with but who knows where I'll go from there. If all three or four novels aren't pictured, it's because the rest of that author's works are on my kindle-yes there are way more on there! 

Leave me a comment below if you think there's anywhere in particular that I need to start or which you think I should read first, If you fancy joining in on any of the marathons, just let me know as it's her we can arrange something! 

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